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As a world traveler, entrepreneur, designer and philanthropist, Sam Marcel has a keen eye for discovering new products that not only succeed in the market place but touch people’s hearts.  On a recent trip to Paris, Sam and his wife came across a beautiful ten year old girl who was being treated for cancer.  She had no hair, lashes or eye brows, but was wearing makeup and presented a warm smile and a shining personality.  They were amazed by the little girl’s confidence and how, despite her physical challenges, she appeared at ease in her own skin.  She said her name was Nicolette and she wanted to be a famous makeup artist when she grew up, so she could make young girls like her feel strong and beautiful enough to fight the damage that resulted from chemotherapy.  Sam and his wife were touched by her story and impressed that something as simple as makeup could empower a ten year old girl to stand so proud.  Their encounter with Nicolette opened their eyes to how makeup could impact people’s lives, if only to allow them the opportunity to retain their beauty in the face of such an ugly disease.  It was at this moment that Sam decided to develop an affordable natural makeup, created with natural, safe ingredients that could become the Crayon box for this little girl’s dreams.


Sam reached out to a friend, a successful CEO in the fashion industry, and the two immediately partnered to create Sam Marcel Cosmetics.  Together they spent the next few years researching the makeup industry.  They learned that most products were made from cheap and sometimes dangerous ingredients designed only to compete in a crowded market place, making as much money for their companies as possible.  This was not their goal.  Sam and his partner wanted to produce a product that was not tested on animals, a product that was 100% cruelty free, Gluten and paraben free, and vegan.  They worked with scientists who shared their concerns and ultimately produced a product to meet their high standards.  A makeup that goes on smooth and gives the wearer the confidence and beauty they desire, while assuring them that they’ve chosen the safest product available. 


Sam Marcel lives by the motto that art and beauty can change the world. 


“when you look beautiful you feel beautiful and you do beautiful things.” 

Let’s do beautiful things together.




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